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Grandma, Tell Me a Story...
About Bears

by Lynn Ransford

Illustrations by the author

6 x 9 inches, 66 pages,
18 original illustrations

Softcover $10

ISBN: 978-0-578-30053-5

Published in 2022

Distributed worldwide by Ingram

Designed and produced by
Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville OR

Tell Me a Story...
About Bears

by Lynn Ransford
with illustrations by the author

Grandma, Tell Me a Story... About Bears is the first volume in a delightful collection of true stories intended for readers of all ages. (Go to Volume Two)

In this volume, Lynn Ransford vividly narrates her surprising personal encounters with bears—short stories her grandchildren want to hear about over and over. Readers of all ages enjoy the funny, sometimes scary, tales of a novice hiker and backpacker.

Those who have never seen a bear in the wild may revel in the wonder of encountering a huge beast unexpectedly. Many will be relieved this happened to Grandma (or Grandpa), and not them. Yet many readers vicariously enjoy the wild and wacky bear sightings and accompanying adventures, easily and delightfully imagining themselves in such amazing circumstances! You'll enjoy these entertaining tales.

Click here to learn about Volume Two in this series: Grandma, Tell Me a Story About... Critters.

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Lynn Ransford grew up on a farm amongst a variety of animals. There, a little like Beverly Cleary's Ramona, she often got into bits of trouble.

Years later she married Grandpa Jack, a mountaineer, who introduced her to animals in the wild and some wild adventures. Grandpa adds, "She still gets herself into a little trouble occasionally."

Their 10 grand children ask about those times, especially when they encountered bears! After 50 years teaching pre-school through university, Lynn writes stories her students loved and her grandchildren want to hear over and over.