Boss - by Charles Osborne

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The Story of S.F.B Morse,
the Founder of Pebble Beach

A biography by Charles Osborne

"Sam Morse could out-imagine anyone," said Herb Cerwin, Del Monte PR man, drinking buddy and friend.

Cerwin was right, and he could have added that Morse turned these thoughts into reality. His imagination never stopped sparking and he made things happen through force, charm, determination, teamwork and grit. Morse imagined a place with a pristine coastline, green-belted and free of buildings.

He imagined creating a playground for his wealthy sporting pals and gals. It wasn't always smooth sailing, but it usually turned out to his liking.

He called his extraordinary creation "Pebble Beach."

Charles OsborneCharley Osborne is a life-long Californian and a product of that state. A grandson of S.F.B. Morse, Charley was raised in Pebble Beach in a home that today is a spa called Casa Palmero. Charley is chairman of an investment company that bears his name, Osborne Partners Capital Management in San Francisco. He is the managing partner of the Crossroads office complex in Carmel, president of the Larkin House Foundation in Monterey, and president of the Devils Creek Flats inholding in the Big Creek Ecological Preserve.

Boss by Charles Osborne
Published in 2018 by Del Monte Press
ISBN: 978-0692064719
Hardbound, dust jacket, 168 pages, 6x9 inches, $29.99
Full color with 75 vintage photos
Distributed worldwide by Ingram
Book design and production by
Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville OR