November News from Lucky Valley Press

We didn't plan it this way, but LVP is releasing four new books between October 25 and November 17. Whew! All four have been big projects for us, and one has taken us several years to produce.

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Bear Me Away to a Better World is Ginna Gordon's latest novel, and it's a cozy mystery - a big change in direction for her. It tells the story of two intensely creative people who meet in the 1950s and establish a performing arts center in California's wine country. Just a week before the opening night of the 50th season, someone is presumably murdered in the middle of the lobby. The colorful characters are inspired by their love of music to work together to solve the mystery.  More info here...

Book Cover

Book Cover

"As women age in our society, we are often marginalized. It is important that we optimize our health, find our passion, and pursue our dreams. We have wisdom, knowledge, and experience to offer but may be discouraged by society’s views of aging."

Invisible or Invincible: Your Choice by Robin Miller, MD, gives you the tools to rise up, be the strongest and best version of yourself, and master the skills you need to become invincible. Softcover and eBook.

More info here...

Disturbing the Dust: Memories and Recipes of China Alley chronicles four generations of Wing clan cooks and chefs in Hanford, California's famous China Alley. Their stories, recipes, and images are artfully interwoven to capture the Chinese American experience in central California from immigration to simple noodle house to four-star restaurant. Arianne Wing has written a heartfelt saga, with 62 vintage photos and 64 fabulous gourmet recipes. More info here...

Book Cover

Book Cover

Jacksonville's Emerald Necklace tells the story of how an historic village in Southern Oregon created the most successful, small-town, all-volunteer land preservation project in the state of Oregon.

Author Larry Smith was one of the leaders of a group of dedicated volunteers who preserved 300 acres of undeveloped historic woodlands and created 16 miles of hiking trails used by several thousand hikers monthly. With 400 pages, nearly 400 photographs. More info here...

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