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Grandfather's Garden by David Loye

Some bedtime stories
for Little and Big Folk

by David Loye

Illustrations by A. Christopher Simon

Grandfather's Garden has the endearing quality of a classic of a new kind.

As with the Harry Potter books, its rollicking stream of quirky tales is for "both little and big folk." That is, it's for "kids, teens, grownups, and for the close, warm delight of reading aloud by moms and dads to kids at bedtime."

Eggplants big as elephants. Tap dancing stalks of celery. A pomegranate that made of itself a big bass drum and walked around with a cheery boom boom boom. And best of all, Grandfather's stories. The Clam that made a pearl. The Baby Carrot who wanted to be a speed boat racer. Georgio's Magic Bean. Babbage the Cabbage. Thudglinka, Phyllis the Talking Pillbox, and more—all come to life and dance across the page.

Particularly exciting for big folk as well as little folk is how the all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-caring Mifwump has burst out of his story in this storybook to lead a new revolution of Joys versus Glooms. You can read all about it in this book—or use the search word Mifwump on the internet.

Three grandfathers worked together to give you this little book. Its 94-year-old author. Its 92-year-old illustrator. And on the cover Grandfather dancing with his friends from around the world.

"Come join us to dig, plant,
and water joy to the world
in Grandfather's Garden!"