Inspiration for Living


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"Ultimately our greatest power comes
from our willingness to walk into the
future, and face whatever joys,
triumphs, disappointments
and challenges lie ahead."
– Judy Tatelbaum

For me, the joy in writing is the opportunity to inspire others. In 2009, I began writing a free monthly inspirational email newsletter. I sent it to people I knew, and they sent it on to people I didn't know. Although I was known as an "expert" on grief, I wanted to write about all kinds of aspects of living. I thought I'd have about a year or two worth of ideas, but as of today, I have written over 100 articles, and I am not done. My readers kept requesting that I combine all the newsletters into a book to which they could refer. At last I have done just that.

This is not a book to necessarily be read in order or cover to cover. It is a book full of ides to encourage the reader to live life ably and fully. Just open up to any of the articles that strike you or close your eyes and pick one. Hopefully you will find a spark of inspiration, some moment of insight that fits just you.

Know that it is a pleasure for me to have written these articles. Thank you for reading them. Thank you for using these ideas to enhance your life.

– Judy Tatelbaum

Inspiration for Living by Judy Tatelbaum
Published in 2018 by Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville
ISBN: 978-0692100684, soft cover, 212 pages, 5x7 inches
US$14.95 suggested retail price.
Distributed worldwide by Ingram.
Designed and produced by
Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville OR