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Tale of Lakewood Jenny
by Jackie Caswell

Photographs by the author

8 x 8 inches, 58 pages,
28 color photos

Softcover $14.99
Hardcover $21.99

Softcover ISBN: 978-0-578-70445-6
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-578-70473-9

Published in 2020 by
Lakewood Press, Auburn, California

Distributed worldwide by Ingram

Designed and produced by
Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville OR

Tale of Lakewood Jenny

A true story about a wood duck

by Jackie Caswell
with photos by the author

Tale of Lakewood Jenny is the true and touching story of a baby wood duck with a broken beak who was stuck upside down under a bush.

The photographs alone could tell the story, but writer Jackie Caswell, the duckling's rescuer and chronicler of events, provides a whimsical poem to guide us through the little wood duck's life at Lakewood.

This tender poem about caring and nurturing makes a great gift book and is perfect for reading aloud.

It's a tale that will touch your heart.

The 28 photos of actual events were sometimes tricky and often just plain lucky shots. We see Jenny heal, grow, fly away, and return, all in vivid detail.

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Jackie Caswell was born in England to English parents, but when she was three her family moved to Nairobi, Kenya for six years.

"I loved it," says Jackie. "All the birds and butterflies we saw every day, and the frogs and chameleons that came to visit. We went on safari on a regular basis. I loved to be outside with plants and animals."

In each of the many countries where Jackie and her family lived, she was in tune with nature and the animals.

Today Jackie and her husband live in the Sierra Foothills, and her mission is to turn their land into a safe haven for wildlife.