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A Twisting Journey
Southern Oregon Backroads
Guide to the PCT

by Ed W. McBee

108 color photographs and maps
by the author

Softcover $ tba

6 x 9 inches, 200 pages

ISBN: 9780990434023

Published in 2020 by
Two Hats Publishing, LLC
Jacksonville, Oregon

Designed and produced by
Lucky Valley Press
Jacksonville, Oregon

A Twisting Journey

Southern Oregon
Backroads Guide
to the PCT

by Ed W. McBee

With 108 color photos and maps by the author

This richly-illustrated 200-page guidebook describes a high country backroads trip following the Pacific Crest Trail through Southern Oregon from California to Willamette Pass.

A single, continuous roadtrip, not just a collection of loops, A Twisting Journey will appeal to a broad spectrum of wheeled travelers, campers, hikers, boaters, fishermen, adventure travelers and armchair travelers as well.

The 108 color photos and unique hand-drawn maps help travelers who wish to learn not only where the trail intersects roads but valuable information about what to expect in the surrounding area.

The engaging and detailed guide includes historical and geological background and tips on fishing the high lakes of the Cascades, boating, camping, day-hikes, and lodging.

Optional side roads lead to more lakes, waterfalls and day-hiking opportunities. Tips on lodging and food and some discussion of natural science and human history attractions round out the regional descriptions.

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Ed. W. McBee has always had a love for the high country of the Pacific Northwest. Traveling the mountains and waters afoot, afloat, and a-wheeled, Ed has explored some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes in the western United States.
Arriving in the Seattle area as a teenager from Kansas, he began to explore every corner of the western states from Alaska to the Mexican border. Now residing in southern Oregon, Ed owns a small business in Historic Jacksonville.