The Heartwarming Stories of Sharon Mehdi

The whimsical and inspiring story of Eleanor Bobbin is a brand new creation. The other two volumes were briefly out of print and are now released as revised and newly-designed second editions. 

All three books were designed and produced by Lucky Valley Press.

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15th Anniversary Edition!

The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering

In 2004, when the world was askew and getting askewer every day, Sharon Mehdi wrote a little story about two grandmothers who stood in the park to save the world. It sold many thousands of copies and was translated into half a dozen languages.

In the story, she quoted the words of a beloved Karuk medicine man named Charlie Red Hawk Thom: "Men have taken the world as far as they can. It's up to the women to take us the rest of the way."

Now, in 2020, the world is once again askew. More than ever we need the grandmothers, their daughters and their granddaughters.

44 pages, 6.5x6.5 inches, softbound, $9.95.
ISBN 978-0692143971

Eleanor Bobbin


Eleanor Bobbin and the Magical, Merciful, Mighty Art of Kindness

The world is in chaos. Rancor and retribution rule the day. Greed and fear have been crowned King of All That Is. For many, there seems to be no hope. And yet... and yet... hidden beneath the helplessness and hopelessness there is a glimmer of light, of forgiveness, compassion, kindness or love.

Such little words but they can create miracles and make the impossible possible. They can heal lives. And sometimes, whole communities. Just ask Eleanor Bobbin.

First Edition November 2018
40 pages, 6.5 x 6.5 inches, softbound, $9.95.
ISBN 978-0692143957

Eleanor Bobbin

A Curious Quest for Absolute Truth

When Sharon Mehdi was six she heard for the first time the word immortal, and on its heels, eternal and infinite. Thus were the seeds of obsession sown. Whether out of pity or exasperation, her grandmother said there was something Sharon could do so she would never die. "Write one book so filled with absolute truth it will make you immortal."

This book is the poignant, irresistible, laugh-out-loud beginning of this best-selling author's Curious Quest for Absolute Truth — a journey that takes her decades longer and continents farther than she ever dreamed possible.

128 pages, 6.5x6.5 inches, softbound, $12.95.
ISBN 978-0692973608