The front cover of Scruffy: The True Tale of an Orphan Doggie by Susan Corning

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The True Tale of an Orphan Doggie

by Susan Corning

The Scruffy Saga, Book One: Colombia

9 color illustrations by Christine Eyer

Print editions: 8x8 inches, 66 pages

Amazon Kindle $5.99
Softcover $15.95
Laminated Hardcover $26.95

Amazon Kindle: 9780578762302
Softcover ISBN: 9780578708331
Hardcover ISBN: 9780578739687

Published November 19, 2020
by The Scruffy Saga Press
Bend, Oregon

Book design and production
by Lucky Valley Press
Jacksonville OR

Print editions distributed by Ingram
Retailers: Books are returnable

Scruffy, the tale of an Orphan Doggie. By Susan Corning. The Scruffy Saga, Book 1: Colombia

Illustrations by Christine Eyer

This story is told by Scruffy, a little dog who lives with a family in rural Colombia. They are displaced by war as soldiers descend and take over the homestead where the family has lived for generations.

As the family slowly makes its way to the city they are forced to sell remaining items of value including Jacobo the burro, Scruffy's dear friend.

Compounding this loss, Scruffy realizes she is lost in the big city! In search of things lost, Scruffy lives through many adventures and nearly gives up. It is from this depth of despair that she finds hope and realizes that her sad past has built the road to a redemptive future.

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Susan Corning sitting on her porch with a dog.

Susan Corning's writing journey is shaped by three hallmarks of her life philosophy: 1) a belief in the inherent dignity and rights of marginalized peoples, 2) a love of all animals, and 3) living/working in international locales.

Remarkably, she has lived abroad for almost two decades and developed a love for Africa and Latin America. Her work in rural development brought her into close contact with unique cultures, amazing flora and fauna, and exotic animals.

Susan remains dedicated to improving livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their families as well as protecting endangered animals, particularly in Africa.

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