Are your novels auto-biographical?

My novels are definitely not auto-biographical, but I can find pieces of myself in all my characters.

What inspired you to write the Lavandula Series?

These stories about living in Carmel and Carmel Valley, California during the 60s, 70s and 80s have been brewing in my mind for many years. The 60s were confusing, the 70s crazy, the 80s hot! I am a product of those years, I haven’t read many books about the times that do them justice, and my rearview mirror has a wide lens.

What was it like cooking for Deepak Chopra? Steven Segal?

Cooking for movie and pop stars is an unglamorous job, but I learned much, met all kinds of interesting people and wrote my first cookbook. Sure, I have stories. Mostly amusing ones to do with food but some involving the life of a movie or pop star.

What is your favorite of the books you’ve written?

The book I just finished is always my favorite, fickle girl. As of this writing, then, my fave is book two of the Lavandula Series, the name of which I won’t yet reveal.

What is your favorite book of all time?

I have read Gone with the Wind once a year since my mother gave it to me on my 12th birthday in 1959. I am not a civil war fan, nor do I fathom the life style, but Margaret Mitchell’s detail and Scarlett Ohara’s behavior fascinate me anew every reading. I shake my head at her and think, hasn’t she figured it out yet?

Whose advice do you take about writing?

A photo of John Steinbeck sits on my desk. Every morning, he looks at me and says, “Do it.”

Stephen King reminds me to strike all non-essential words.

JK Rowling takes it even further and says to get rid of all things non-essential.

Why did you move from Carmel to Jacksonville?

I lived, loved and laughed in Carmel for almost fifty years. David and I moved to the little town of Jacksonville to write and publish. It’s quiet here. A good place for writers.

How to you make_____________... (fill in the blank with a recipe)?

Too many answers to fit on this page. Write to me. I probably have the recipe.



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