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A few samples of the whimsical contents
Actual size: 8.5 x11 inches, 62 pages

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Sunny Mae & Bird - In Alaska
by Danny & Geebs (Dai Thomas and Ginna BB Gordon)

Sunny Mae & Bird - In Alaska is the first book in the new series about Sunny Mae the Hippo and her friend Bird.

Sunny Mae and Bird follow their noses to new places, learning that they can do new things, make new friends (they actually meet a little girl named Sunny Mae!), and eat cake. Their sidekick, Bud, says "Read this book aloud to your kids! You'll love it!"

With whimsical poetry by Ginna Gordon, and full-page illustrations by Dai Thomas, this 62-page large format paperbound book is a colorful and fun read for children of all ages.

Nicknamed by their grandchildren, Danny (Dai Thomas) and Geebs (Ginna Gordon) have joined forces in honor of children and grandchildren everywhere, and especially for the original Sunny Mae, a little girl in Fairbanks, Alaska, whose mother happens to love hippos. It all started right there.

Retail Price: $12.00
Paperbound, 8.5 x 11 inches, 62 pages, full-page illustrations throughout. ISBN: 978-0-9967802-2-3


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