Danny and Geebs
Theo Maehr

Theo Maehr (author) & Sonja Lokensgard (artist)

The co-creators of Wild Whispers

Theo Maehr (author) is a teacher and artist who has lived on the Monterey Peninsula on the Central California Coast for more than twenty years. In addition to being a author, he is a lyre maker, a ship captain, photographer, house builder, farmer and diver.

His prior endeavors have included Waldorf teaching, professional storytelling, outdoor education, agriculture, construction, raft guiding, and lots and lots of time wandering around in nature.

Danny and Geebs
Sonja Lokensgard

Theo currently lives in the Santa Lucia mountains of Big Sur, where he has built himself a delightfully sturdy and simple "off-the-grid" home with an ample garden and orchard.

Sonja Lokensgard (artist) is a visionary artist and illustrator, a yoga teacher, a singer, and a lover of life. She travels worldwide to share her gifts of art, movement, meditation and music.

Sonja, who currently resides in Virginia, is finding joy in the moment through teaching yoga, painting, and hospice volunteering, as well as a healthy dose of hoop dancing to live music.

With deep gratitude for the wild whispers of nature, she hopes to continue offering her paintings as a way for both adults and children to connect in loving relationship with one another and the earth. 

Be sure to visit Sonja's colorful website at www.sonjalokensgard.org

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