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Soul Companion: A Memoir
by Judy Hilyard, RN, MN

Published in 2020 by Anam Cara Companion

  Print: Softbound $20    Hardbound $25
   6 x 9 inches, 230 pages, bibliography
   Softbound ISBN: 9780578645780     
   Hardbound ISBN: 9780578686813

  Digital: $4.99
   Available in all eBook formats including
   Kindle, Apple iBook, Nook, and Kobo
   Digital ISBN: 9780578686875

Design and Production:
   Lucky Valley Press, Jacksonville OR

Distributed Worldwide by Ingram

Soul Companion

Soul Companion: A Memoir is the true adventures of Judy Hilyard, as she travels to the Afterlife in joyful service to others and education of self. She recounts her experiences of living life as an Anam Aira, a soul companion, for those who have died or are in the final stages of dying. Judy was awakened to this work just as she was finishing a 47-year career as a left-brain-focused Intensive Care RN.

Soul Companion: A Memoir is the story of what Judy has experienced and learned as she cares for souls on both sides of the Veil. It is joyful work that is Love-Affirming for all and relieves the fear of death for those still here.

This book would be helpful to anyone worried about loved ones who have crossed over, or those who just want connection with dear ones who have died. It offers comfort to those who are recovering from constrictive religious beliefs. And it's a fascinating first-person account of out-of-body experiences, death and dying, and the Afterlife. 

"We are eternal souls who live forever, and therefore healing of emotional or spiritual wounds can be facilitated, even if one or more of the people in the wounding are no longer physically alive. Healing, Joy and Peace are always assured." – Judy Hilyard

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Judy Hilyard, RN, MN, is a retired ICU Nurse with 47 years experience and two Masters degrees, all sound credentials in Western medicine but not needed for the Afterlife work she is now doing.

At the end of Judy's career, she learned to be an Anam Cara, a soul friend, offering extraordinary counseling to provide a peaceful death for others.

During that course, Judy was shocked into attention when she heard about the ancient practice of being an Anam Aira, one who crosses the Veil, not generally practiced today. She set out to learn how to cross the Veil between physical life and death to assist souls in their transition.

Judy has been doing Anam Aira work for several years, helping hundreds of people – those about to pass over to the Other Side, those already over There and those still here in physical form.

Visit Judy's website: www.anamcaracompanion.com