Stevie's Feather
Lavandula Series

based on the fictional journals of Stefani Michel

As the Wheel of Life turns at Sweet Farm, the homestead of the Wymans, a Carmel Valley, Calfornia family, we focus on three sisters: Rita, Nana and Fox, and their three daughters: Tate, Stevie and Jolene, cousins and friends.

In the Lavandula Series, life rumbles the earth at the farm, like any compound full of women, their men, children, elders and friends.

They breathe the air of the Valley, filled with the scent of lavender growing abundantly on ten fertile acres. They eat of the garden harvest. The women are restless. The men are nervous.

The girls are growing up in the 60s and they and their peers will become known as Baby Boomers, Flower Children, Hippies, Yuppies, the ME generation; they will be affected by the Vietnam War, Rock & Roll, revolutions from sexual to political and other dramatic social changes.

But, mostly, they will be dealing with their loves, their children and their homes as they relate to and are touched by those concerns mentioned above.

Look for Stefani's Peacock Feather!


Book Two in
The Lavandula Series

Deke Interrupted, Book Two in The Lavandula Series, opens with Stevie Michel who, not being into surprises or snap decisions, is mapping her first sexual encounter.

In London, Jolene Huffington and her mother, Nana, process guilt from different perspectives while searching for the lock that fits the key. They'll arrive at Sweet Farm soon, with their own satchels of belongings and troubling thoughts.

Meanwhile, Tate and her mother, Fox, get a giant surprise, pitching their lives into the sky and the hands of Fate.

Sly Fate has tossed all the Wymans
like vegetables into an amusing,
often troubling
cosmic soup.




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Ginna Gordon

Ginna Gordon

Book Cover
Dai Thomas

Book cover art
& tiny paintings
by Dai Thomas


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